It’s time for us to say goodbye. Kelvin & Co has ran it course, the stars have aligned and we are ready for a new direction in life.

We made sure to secure employment for all our staff. Above everything, we needed to make sure our employees were not financially affected by our decision. They’ve worked so hard for us, and we cannot thank them enough for their commitment and dedication to our family and our brand. We are happy that they are moving forward with their life in a positive direction as well.

Please do not feel sad for us! This was inevitable in today’s market, and we are ok. We feel like we can breathe for the first time in a year & we are positive about our new direction in life. We have our health, we have our family, and we have our friends. We will always hold the memories and our amazing customers close to our hearts. Thank you all so much for the support over the years!

Make sure to support your local establishments whenever possible!


Mark & Kassidy


If you have any unused gift cards and need a refund, please contact us at info@kelvinandcompany.com